XVIII. Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize - Industrial Innovation Prize
Ganz Engineering and Energetics Machinery Ltd.







In 2000 we won an  INDUSTRIA special prize  with the double-pocket wagon The same product has been qualified as award-winner in the year 2000  by the Hungarian House of Quality.






In 1997 the Hungarian National Quality Award was received by Ganz-David Brown Transmissions Ltd. in the small enterprise category. In 1999 the company participated in the competition for the European Quality Award in the small and medium-sized enterprises category and it achieved the result as Finalist and a Certificate of Award was received in Brussels on 6th October 1999.





Industria '94 Grand Prize

GAK-22 DINO small aircraft
Ganz Machinery Works AVIA Aircraft Construction and Development Ltd.










Al merito agrario
Ministero d’Agricoltura Industria e Commercio
Grand Prix 1900








Agricultural Association of the County of Torontál
Exposition of agricultural produces and machinery








Republique Française - Exposition
Universelle Internationale 1900








Ehrenpreis des volksfestes
in Linz-Austria 1885









Ehren-diplom Weltausstellung
Wien - 1873








Medal of Merit – National industrial, agricultural produce and animal exposition in Szeged  in 1876








Dobrze zasluzonemu
Szczesc boze 1887
(competition of harvesting machines)







Weltausstellung 1873 wien- dem verdienste
Franz-Joseph I. Kaiser von Österreich koenig von
boehmen etc. Apost koenig von Ungarn








Pro Labore Ganz 1844
Badge given on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Ganz factory 1944








National Iron and Metallurgical Exposition 1906
Szterényi József – Kossuth Ferencz









Londini Honoris causa 1862
(recognition of the displayed hard cast wheel)







Grand Gold Medal for outstanding work of the National Industrial, Agricultural and Commercial Exposition in Székesfehérvár 1927







Hungarian Automobile Club

MÁV Machinery Works
IV. Exposition Internationale d’Automobiles







Exposicion Internacional
de Barcelona 1929

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