In 1944 the 100th anniversary of the Ganz factory was during the siege of Budapest. After the end of the war and removal of the ruins, the collection of the pieces had to be restarted. The first years of the nationalisation did not favour the safekeeping and true presentation of the past of the company. The Ganz Technical Club, founded in 1958 undertook looking after the matter. The return and exhibition in our conference room of the painting made by Miklós Barabás in 1867 about Mrs. Ganz owned by our company and the oil painting made by Árpád Basch about Ábrahám Ganz copying the damaged painting made by Miklós Barabás meant a significant step towards the appreciation and respect of the past.

In 1998 Ganz Holding Ltd. took over the historic pieces and materials kept in the building of the Technical Club and thus became the greatest preserver of the traditions of Ganz and MÁVAG. Our collection is modest compared to the role played by the two large old neighbours: Ganz and MÁVAG in the Hungarian industry, however it still represents the history of our factories.

The different coins, awards received at different international exhibitions can be found in our collection. One of the prettiest of our vehicle models is the diesel train set of the Duna-Száva-Adria railway. The photos of the steam locomotives of MÁVAG represent a great value. The commemorative tablet cast for the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Ganz factory is a remarkable memento.

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