1844. Acquisition of company site (Kórház u. → Ganz u.) (birthplace of Ganz Company)

1845. Establishment of Ganz Company (foundry)

1867. On 22 December Ganz and Partner/Ganz és Társa

1869. On 30 March the family sold the factory

On 12 April the partners also sold their shares (buyers: M.P. Blau and I. Brüll et Co.,

then Wahrmann and Son, Baron brothers, Kohén J.J. bought  3/5 part)

1869. Establishment of the company site at Ratibor

1869. On 21 April Ganz and Partner Iron Foundry and Machinery Works/ Ganz és Társa Vasöntő és Gépgyár Rt. (transformation)

1878. Foundation of an electro-technical workshop in 18 Kacsa u. (birthplace of electrical machinery manufacture)

1880. On 21 March. Acquisition of First Hungarian Railway Carriage Works/Első Magyar Vasúti Kocsigyár Rt. (birthplace of railway vehicle and machinery manufacture)

1887. 1 August. Acquisition of the Machinery Works at Leobersdorf

1891. Acquisition of Petrovagon Iron Foundry (Petrovagon Vasolvasztó)

1906. The electrical department originating from the electro-technical workshop becomes Ganz Electric Works / Ganz-féle Villamossági Rt.

1909. Foundation of Ganz Shipyard Fiume/Ganz Hajógyár Fiume

1911. Establishment of Ganz and Partner, Danubius Machinery, Wagon and Shipyard Co. Ltd./Ganz és Társa, Danubius Gép-, Vagon- és Hajógyár Rt. (by the integration of Ganz és Társa Vasöntő és Gépgyár Rt. and Danubius Hajógyár Rt.)

1916. Establishment of Ganz FIAT Hungarian Airplane Engine Works

(by the integration with Österreichische Fiat Werke)

1918. After the First World War the following became under foreign ownership

  • Petrovagon Iron Foudry/ Petrovagon Vasolvasztó – Romanian
  • Machinery Works at Ratibor / Ratibori Gépgyár – Polish
  • Shipyard in Fiume/ Fiumei hajógyár – Italian

1929. Ganz and Partner Danubius Electric Machinery, Wagon and Shipyard Co. Ltd./ Ganz és Társa Danubius Villamossági Gép-, Vagon- és Hajógyár Rt.

(established by the integration of  Ganz and Partner Danubius Co. Ltd./Ganz és Társa Danubius Rt. and Ganz Electric Works  Co. Ltd./Ganz Villamossági Gyár Rt.)

1946. December –The Hungarian Ganz works became state property by the establishment of a Heavy Industrial Centre –  the remaining foreign companies became foreign property

1949. disintegration of the state-owned Ganz works into individual state-owned companies

  • Ganz Wagon and Machinery Works/ Ganz Vagon- és Gépgyár
  • Ganz Electric Works/Ganz Villamossági Gyár
  • Ganz Shipyard /Ganz Hajógyár
  • Ganz Switchboard and Instruments Works/Ganz Kapcsoló-  és Készülékgyár
  • Ganz Meter Works/Ganz Árammérőgyár
Chopping Machine Works/ Aprítógépgyár - Jászberény

1868. Hungarian-Belgian Machinery and Shipbuilding Co./Magyar - Belga Gép- és Hajóépítő Társaság

Hungarian–Swiss Railway Carriage Works /Magyar–Svájci Vasúti Kocsigyár (in the area of today’s Northern Railway Vehicle Repair Works/Északi Járműjavító)

By the buying of the above

1870. On 1 August Hungarian Royal State Railways Machinery and Carriage Works/ Magyar Királyi Államvasutak Gép- és Kocsigyára was founded

1873. Hungarian Royal State Railways Machinery works/Magyar Királyi Államvasutak Gépgyára (short name: MÁV Gépgyár),
a part of which is the Northern Main Workshop/ Északi  Főműhely

1880 Integration of Hungarian Royal State Railways Machinery Works/ Magyar Királyi Államvasutak Gépgyára and Hungarian Royal Iron and Steel Works of Diósgyőr/ Diósgyőri Magyar Királyi Vas és Acélgyárak

1902 Hungarian Royal State Iron Works/Magyar Királyi Állami Vasgyárak

the Cannon Works of Győr /Győri Ágyúgyár is integrated into the above and by this action

1925 Hungarian Royal State Iron Steel and Machinery Works/Magyar Királyi Állami Vas-, Acél- és Gépgyárak (short name: MÁVAG) is founded

1943. Vitéz Horthy István Hungarian Royal State Iron, Steel and Machinery Works/ Vitéz Horthy István Magyar Királyi Állami Vas-, Acél- és Gépgyárak

1945 Hungarian State Iron, Steel and Machinery Works /Magyar Állami Vas-, Acél- és Gépgyárak

1949 MÁVAG Locomotive and Machinery Works/MÁVAG Mozdony- és Gépgyár



1959. Ganz-MÁVAG Mozdony-, Vagon- és Gépgyár large industrial enterprise was established, following the integration with MÁVAG.

1987. December Winding up of Ganz-MÁVAG: disintegration into manufacturing units. One of them is
Ganz Machinery Works/Ganz Gépgyár Vállalat (establishment: January 1988.)

  • one of the largest legal successors
  • inherited almost the total machinery manufacture range

1990. 3 limited liability companies for prodiction were established by Ganz Machinery Works/Ganz Gépgyár Vállalat

1991. Transformation into a Holding organization

1991-93 Establishment of further limited liability companies and joint-ventures with foreign companies

1995-96 Management and employee buy-out

1997-98 Acquisitions (Ganz Szolgáltató, Ganzeg, Ganz Sziget)

1998. Increase of capital – EBRD

1999. Acquisitions (Ganz Öntöde, Ganz Vagon)

2000. Establishment of Ganz Industrial Park/Ganz Ipari Park

2000. Division of actvities into branches

2004 – 2005 The activity of two liquidated companies (Ganz Vagon Kft., Ganz-David Brown Hajtóműgyártó Kft.) is continued within Ganz Motor Ltd.

2006. The sale of the ownership rights of Ganz Sziget Kft.

2008. The subsidiary of the Russian Atommashpromt Holding (Transzportno-Technologicseszkoe Masinoctroenie) bought the 51 % quota of Ganz Engineering Ltd.

2016. Ganz Holding Co. Ltd. sold its 49 % quota of Ganz Engineering Ltd. to the Russian quotaholder in June 2016 (Roszatom / Atomenergomash CKBM)

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